Birthday tribute

April 3, 2017

Today’s Google Doodle is a wonderful tribute to my father on his birthday. Be sure to see it!

Google Doodle for Fazlur Khan

Google’s Birthday Tribute to Fazlur Khan

3 Responses to “Birthday tribute”

  1. Shahid A. Bajwa Says:

    We are proud of Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan. May his soul rest in peace. Shahid A. Bajwa, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. María Raquel Negri-Zarzis Says:

    My son Ameer brought to our attention how today is Mr. Khan’s birthday anniversary. We are all very proud of his accomplishments as well as yours! My husband is from Bangladesh, and I am from Ecuador! We are proud of our mixed heritage!

  3. Saiman Miah Says:

    Absolutely fascinating to read about your father, to learn about a fellow Bangladeshi achieving incredible success and contributing massively to the built environment.

    It is sad to have studied architecture for many years without hearing his name, absolute genius.

    Thank you Google for acknowledging Dr Fazlur Rahman Khan. Much respect and gratitude for the future of architecture and structures.​

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