The memorial plaque for my father

June 29, 2011

Onterie Center had two entrances, one for the residences and one for the retail/office space, connected by a lobby, or galleria. Chandra Jha had already planned to involve an artist from Barcelona, Juan Gardy-Artigas, in the galleria design to create a stunning mosaic tile floor. During construction Chandra added a mosaic memorial plaque for my father, also designed by Juan Gardy-Artigas.

Memorial plaque for Fazlur R. Khan

The mosaic is quite large, and includes two sections with text. One says:

In Memoriam

Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan (4-3-29 – 3-27-82)

World-renowned structural engineer, whose lasting contributions to architecture illuminated all our paths. We dedicate this plaque with gratitude to Dr. Khan for his leadership in engineering practice which culminated in this structure, Onterie Center

–his final work.

The document printed for the dedication includes the ending:


James R. Thompson,  Governor, State of Illinois

Michael T. Woelffer, Director, Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs

Chandra K. Jha, for PSM International Corporation

Bruce J. Graham, for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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