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February 23, 2011

Mr. Weingardt’s article is nicely written and full of detail, and I can see that he carefully read my website as well as my book about my father. Still, a few minor personal errors slipped in–I’ll mention them here to clear up any confusion. First, it is confusing to refer to my father as a Pakistan native. He was born in Bengal in 1929, which was part of British India at the time. In 1947 Bengal was split when India and Pakistan were established as separate countries, with East Bengal becoming East Pakistan. Then in 1971 East Pakistan fought for independence and became Bangladesh.

So, my father would consider himself a Bangladeshi-American, but he also liked to say he was a citizen of the world. After all, the place where he was born had changed from being part of British India, to part of Pakistan, to Bangladesh; and as an adult living in the U.S. he had become an American citizen. Yet he had not changed, he had not become a different person each time.

Two other small points: my father died exactly one week short of his fifty-third birthday; and it was the music of Beethoven that he loved.

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